Aling Aling Waterfall

The Aling Aling waterfall boasts cascading waters falling from roughly 35 meters from ground level.

at the top of the falls it is split into two allowing the water to cascade in two separate falls.

The waterfall on the right has a lot more water flowing from it than the one on the left.

The Aling Aling waterfall is surrounded by lush trees and greenery to boot.

The pond at the bottom of the falls has a depth of 4 meters allowing you to frolic and swim in the waters produced by the falls.

Not far away from the Aling Aling waterfall, you can see

  • Pucuk waterfall
  • Twin waterfall
  • Cemara waterfall
  • Canging waterfall
  • Dedari waterfall
  • Kroya waterfall.

Some of these waterfalls are smaller which allow tourists to jump from the top of the falls.


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Getting to aling aling waterfall

The location of the Aling Aling waterfall is 11 km south west  from Singaraja in Sambangan village.

Traveling from Denpasar, you will travel for 80-100 km to reach the falls.

From Denpasar, you need to head toward Singaraja and before you enter Singaraja, you will see the fork of the road, you must turn right to the Sukasada station.

Follow that road until you see the second fork of the road in front of Sambangan village where you will see a sign of Aling Aling Waterfall.

Turn left after around the 2 km mark and you will arrive at the waterfalls.


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Once you have parked your vehicle the rest of your trip will be on foot.

Walk through the rice fields

up and down hundreds of steps for about 400 m

You have reached the Aling Aling waterfall.

The last step is the most important



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