Bali Bird Park

At Bali Bird Park you will experience over 1,000 birds and 250 different species at one of the best days out in Bali.

The park is divided into seven different sections to aid in the different habitats the birds would naturally reside in.


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Bali Bird Park

Complete with their own indigenous wildlife each section is recreated beautifully to transform each area into a different tropical paradise.

These include:

  • Misty jungle of Sumatra
  • Far East Indonesia
  • Papua
  • South America
  • The African Savannah
  • Australia
  • Bali

As a bonus there is also a separate section known as the owl house boasting an incredibly beautiful collection of nocturnal owls live quietly in a specially-adapted traditional Toraja house, which is very noticable as you make your way into the park.


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Hot tip: Check out the Barred Eagle Owl with its cool ear tufts that point sideways.

you will find yourself walking side-by side with cassowaries, pelicans, crested-cranes and storks plus numerous other species that wander freely throughout the park.

Bali Bird Park is home to the largest and most beautiful display of Indonesian birds in the entire world which includes the rare Bali Starling.

The park’s two-hectare tropical gardens is also home to a colourful array of birds including flamingos, parrots, peacocks plus many many more.

Bali Bird Park’s breeding programme gives us the opportunity to witness some truly beautiful birds with their chicks such as the African Crowned Cranes.

You will find birds such as the Congo Grey Parrot in the African section, the Golden Macaw in the South American section and Pelicans in the Australian section.

The Bali Bird Park is located in the village of Batubulan, Gianyar Regency and is a fun and attractive playground for bird lovers, and families alike.

Convenient located for groups on day tours to central Bali you can also stop in at places like the  gold and silversmith’s villages of Celuk and Mas.

The adjoining Reptile Park offers an extensive assortment of reptile and amphibian specimens among the horticultural gardens.

Here you are able to see the giant Komodo dragon along with other specimens including lizards, pythons, frogs, toads, geckos, turltes, and even crocodiles.

The Bali Bird Park is perfect for families looking for the opportunity to get close, touch, feed various species of birds

The Free Flight Bird Show lets visitors marvel at abilities of birds of prey and other flying birds in the collection.

Watch as eagles, macaws and owls soar through the skies swooping down to snatch food from their handlers.


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An interactive feeding time allows visitors to participate in the feeding times at the park.

The ‘4D Avian Theatre’ experience is a new and exciting feature for families at the bird park, boasting an animation feature named ‘Rilly’s Sky Adventure’.

Featuring their own ‘Hatchling Area’ gives them the opportunity to show visitors a number of different specimens through the different phases after hatching.

Housing over 40 types of protected species, Bali Bird Park has successfully bred numerous rare and endangered species.


Opening Hours: 09:00am – 5:30pm

Location: Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Singapadu, Batubulan, Gianyar

Phone: +62 361 299 352

You can find tickets to Bali Bird Park HERE.


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