If you’re planning a trip to Bali in September, it’s important to know what kind of weather to expect. The month of September is considered to be a transition period, as it marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the weather in Bali in September.

September Weather in Bali

  • Averages temperature: 26.5°C (79.7°F)
  • Sunshine hours/day: 9
  • Rainfall: 23mm (0.91 inches)
  • Rainy days: 5
  • Humidity: 75%
  • Ocean temperature: 27°C (80.6°F)

High and Low Temperatures

In September, the average daily temperature in Bali is 26.5°C (79.7°F). This is a pleasant temperature for exploring the island and participating in outdoor activities. the average high temperature in Bali is 31°C (88°F), while the average low temperature is 22°C (72°F). These temps are great for folks who prefer being outside in the sun.

September Rainfall in Bali

The average rainfall in Bali in September is around 23mm (0.91 inches) spread out over a period of 5 days, so it is considered minimal. It rains on average four days each month in September, so you’re unlikely to have a rainy day during your visit.

September Ocean Temperature in Bali

In September, the average ocean temperature in Bali is 27°C (80.6°F). This temperature suits water sports such as swimming, snorkelling, and surfing.

Sunshine Hours in Bali in September

In September, the average number of hours of sunshine in Bali is 9 hours. This provides ample opportunity to experience the island’s wonderful beaches, stunning landscapes, and cultural attractions.

To Summarize

September is an excellent month to visit Bali because the weather is pleasant, sunny, and ideal for outdoor activities. Whether you want to explore the island’s breathtaking beauty, try new foods, or simply relax on the beach, Bali in September has something for everyone.

It’s also worth noting that September is a popular month in Bali for cultural events and festivals. Galungan, the island’s main holiday, is normally held in September, and it is a time when Balinese Hindus celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

During this time, the streets are decked with colorful decorations, and temples throughout the island host special offerings and festivities.

If you want to understand more about Balinese culture and customs, September is a great time to visit the island due to their distinctive traditions and festivals.

Bali in September FAQs

What is the Typical Temperature in Bali during September 2024?

In September, Bali experiences a warm climate with average daytime temperatures around 26.5°C and nighttime lows around 22°C. Occasional mild showers are common towards the month’s end.

Is September a Good Month for Swimming in Bali?

Yes, September offers favorable conditions for swimming and surfing in Bali, with generally calm seas and brief, quick-passing showers.

When is the Best Time to Visit Bali?

Bali’s climate is divided into Dry (April-September) and Rainy (October-March) seasons. The dry season is ideal for travel, offering warmer, less humid conditions.

Are Bali Nights Cool in September?

Evenings in Bali during September remain warm and comfortable, with average nightly temperatures typically staying around 24°C. Light, breathable clothing is recommended.

Why Are Prices Higher in Bali During September?

September falls in the dry season, which is a peak travel period in Bali due to the pleasant weather. This increased demand can lead to higher prices, especially in popular tourist areas.

Is Bali Budget-Friendly in September?

While Bali can be more expensive in the dry season (June-September) due to peak tourism, there are still budget-friendly options available. Prices may also rise during the holiday season in November and December.

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