Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon

If you’re looking for an experience that you will not get anywhere else I suggest you check out Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon.

This Canyon is definitely hidden, and very beautiful.

From April 2018 the hidden canyon requires you to have a guide with you as some areas can prove quite difficult. (Tour for a couple costs around 150K with a guide)

I would consider bringing a spare change of clothes as you get very wet while exploring this natural beauty.

Lockers are provided for clothes and some guides also carry waterproof bags to hold your cameras and phones. (I do suggest bringing your own waterproof bag as you will be stopping to take plenty of photos).

The tour takes around 2.5 – 3 hours to complete.

Always check prior to venturing to Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon as currents can be quite strong, if there has been a large amount of rain the canyon may be shut as it can become quite hazardous.

If you want to truly experience the canyon it is possible to do barefoot though sports shoes are a good idea if you have soft feet, the rocks can at times be slippery.

I would also recommend a reasonably high level of fitness and if you have injuries with your arms or legs I would not attempt this.

Not recommended for young children.

Beginning at the Pura Dalem in Guwang village, 14.5 kilometres south of Ubud, a steep concrete staircase takes you about 11 metres down to the river where you will find a small Beij Guwang Temple overlooking the sacred spring and bathing area.

Here you can dangle your feet in the water here so the fish can nibble your toes.

During dry season the water is crystal clear and you can see the rocks and fish.

The trail follows the river upstream for about one-and-a-half kilometres, often against a fast-flowing current.

You will find the depth of the water can change dramatically however your guide will let you know when something is changing.

You can avoid the deeper sections of the Beji Guwang hidden canyon by climbing along the edges.

Don’t worry about the water being icy cold either, even though the water is rarely in direct sunlight it is not too cold.

To say you’ll be awed by the natural beauty is an understatement: the walls of rock have been pitted and worn down over since the dawn of time looming over the canyon 20 to 30 metres.

The top of the canyon becomes more narrow in parts allowing the overhanging trees and vines to entwine forming a stunning canopy.

Within the Beji Guwang hidden canyon you will find yourself climbing, balancing and jumping which does require a reasonable level of fitness.

There are some moments you will find yourself questioning your capabilities, however the guides are very experienced and will help you along the way.

They may also carry your bags to avoid them getting wet.

If you are an outdoors type person you will find the trek quite manageable.

If you take kids, make sure they can swim and we’d recommend bringing along a lifejacket (and perhaps a helmet) for them (not available onsite).

Nearing the end of the trek a short climb up a set of stairs brings you to a narrow path along a water channel perched high above the surrounding fields.

From here you may find it’s a very relaxed 30 minute walk though stunning Bali rice fields, chilis plantations and flower fields.

On a clear day you can see Mount Agung and Nusa Penida clearly.

If you happen to time your tour right the sunset on the last stretch of walk is like nothing you have ever seen.


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