The VERY BEST Party Destinations 2018

The Best party destinations of the year are bigger and better than ever before!

1. Tel Aviv, Israel:

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One of the major cities in Israel, Tel Aviv also happens to be the financial and technological hub…

That being said Tel Aviv is one of the greatest places on Earth to party when you need to let your hair loose.


2. London, England:

This list wouldn’t be complete without the land of corner pubs and crumpets making an appearance.

London is the heart of England, it also just so happens to be the number one hot spot for young travelers to tick off their backpacking list…

Throw in a pub on every corner and you have a never ending party (If you know where to look)

3. New Orleans, Louisiana:

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Welcome to the home of some of the biggest names in music history!

With some of the best festivals in the world and most notably the annual Mardi Gras,

Revelers from all over the world head to New Orleans in mid February to celebrate and partake in the festivities.

(2018 Mardi Gras is celebrated on February 13)

4. Berlin, Germany:

Berlin is the capital and largest city in Germany.

It’s cold, it’s grey and they basically have nothing better to do than to have incredible parties all the time!

Because inside a technicolor nightclub is far better than being stuck outside.

Trust me when I say if anyone knows how to party it’s the Germans.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

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In a land where love is fluent, and cannabis is legal you don’t need me to tell you that they know how to have fun!

Because of the sheer beauty of the Netherlands, tourism is incredibly high.

This in turn bring a huge amount of people to the land of weed to have fun and party how they usually cannot.

6. Phuket, Thailand:

When it comes to Partying I personally like to think Phuket is one of the prime hotspots to escape and unleash!

The country prides itself on the tourism industry and has made every effort to keep the industry alive.

If you are looking for somewhere to party for cheap and still get to sleep in a five star hotel.

Phuket is definitely one place to go!

7. New York, America:

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New York, it isn’t called the city that never sleeps for no reason!

One of the largest and most vibrant cities in America

New York boasts an immensely powerful night scene catering to every persons taste.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada:

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There is no truer phrase than “Don’t stay in Las Vegas as you may get lost”

I personally found this out the hard way partying away $5,000 on a five night getaway (Without gambling once!)

Every single corner of this city is designed to make you spend money but don’t let that scare you away!

Not only do they make an incredible amount of money but an insane amount of money is injected into the party life that is indeed Las Vegas!

Las Vegas truly is a party paradise. (Hot Tip: Check out the pool party each Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel)

9. Cancun, Mexico:

Cancún, Mexico edging along the Caribbean Sea Cancun is known for its beaches, nightlife and notoriety as the prime destination for students during universities’ spring break period.

There are 2 distinct areas El Centro which is more old school and Zona Hotelera, a beachfront strip of high-rise hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and shops.

10. Kuta, Bali:

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With tropical sands, Palm trees and tens of thousand of Aussies heading to Bali every single year it’s easy to see why Bali is on the list.

The real party starts after midnight as the rooftop bars and nightclubs really kick off!

Of all the party destinations 2018, Bali is on the top of my list.

11. Ibiza, Spain:

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Last on the list but definitely not forgotten is Ibiza… The Mecca for party going travelers!

An island in the Mediterranean sea Ibiza hosts some of the most insane parties every single week.


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