Best Places in Bali for Instagram

best places in Bali for Instagram 2018

Are you looking for the very best places in Bali for Instagram pics.

In this day and age almost everyone has Instagram and everyone that does is always looking for that perfect shot!

We have compiled a short list of the best spots in Bali to not only get you that perfect shot but also boost your followers.

So let’s jump in!

1: Gili Trangawan Swings

lady sitting on gili trangawan swings with red g string

Credit: VickyWally IG

Possibly one of the most iconic Instagram spots in Bali are the stunning water swings at Hotel Ombak Sunset.

2: Gates of Heaven at Pura Lempuyang

woman dancing with cloth in her hand between gates at pura lempuyang

Credit: sarahkait23 IG

The Gates of Heaven at Pura Lempuyang appear to stop at the edge of a cliff and on a cloudless day give a magnificent backdrop.

3: Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

white sandy beach with crystal blue waters at kelingking beach nusa penida

Credit: alevtina94 IG

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida is a secluded, white sandy beach.

Stunning turquoise waters enclosed by a steep cliff & headland.

The perfect setting of your next Instagram pics!

Nusa Penida is an ideal location for anyone looking to boost their IG ranking.

4: Tegenungan Waterfall

man with short cropped hair and a grey t shirt looking at tegenungan waterfall

Credit: Stefanemanuel

Tegenungan Waterfall is a scenic waterfall in a lush jungle setting above a shallow bathing area

also one of the few waterfalls in Bali not situated in the mountains.

5: Ulun Danu Temple

woman with handbag and sandals walking towards gates of ulun danu temple

Credit: Jessfriend_ IG

Ulun Danu Temple is one of the most well known temples in all of Bali

The temple gates however hold their own as an astounding backdrop for your next Bali pic.

6: Buyan Lake swing

woman with a long flowing dress and sunglasses swinging on the buyan lake swing

Credit: Alya_s IG

A beautiful swing high in the sky with a lake and stunning mountains as a backdrop…

What more could you ask for in a fantastic Instagram photo?

7: Pemuteran’s Underwater Temple

woman in white bikini snorkeling towards statue at pemuterans underwater temple

Credit: Melijaz0154 IG

Pemuteran’s Underwater Temple seems otherworldly as you descend into the depths to uncover the statues lurking at the bottom.

They make for photos which truly seem out of this world.

8: Lake Batur

toned woman in bikini laying down arching her back at pools edge overlooking mount batur

Credit: thelittlemermuscles IG

Lake Batur not only holds its own as a beautiful sight but you can help to be immersed in the powerful active volcano resting at the lakes edge.

Note: On a clear day the backdrop is amazing!

9: Sekumpul Waterfalls

slender woman with dixie shorts and red top looking up to sekumpul waterfalls

Credit: alijik IG

the Sekumpul Waterfalls are arguably the most beautiful falls in all of Bali!

Also making a fabulous backdrop for your insta pics.

10: Tukad Cepung Waterfalls

girl in bathers standing in water at tukad cepung waterfalls as rays of sunlight shine down on her

Credit: jessica_simonsen IG

Our personal favorite are the Tukad Cepung Waterfalls,

A bit of a trek on some high steps to get to but the reward is well worth the 15 minute hike.

Looking for the best hashtags for Bali?

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