Indonesian Language Quick Tips

Indonesian Language Quick Tips

The Indonesian language is not as difficult as you may think, sometimes it can be a real struggle trying to breach the language barrier in another country.

Thankfully the Balinese have a pretty good understanding of the English language, this does tend to make it a lot easier to communicate, however not everyone is fluent in the English Language.

We thought it would be a  good idea to give a quick list of phrases from the Indonesian language that may be able to help you along your journey.

Indonesian Language:


Manners can go a long way in almost any situation, when you are speaking who’s knowledge of the English language however makes communication more difficult than you would like try meeting them halfway.

Good Morning – Selamat Pagi

Good Afternoon – Selamat Sore

Good Evening – Selamat Malam

How are you? – Apa Kabar?

Good Bye – Selamat tinggal

Hello – Halo

Do you speak English? – Apakah Anda berbicara bahasa Inggris?

Yes – Ya

No – Tidak

Thank you – Terima Kasih

Excuse me – Permisi

Sorry – Maaf

Please – Tolong

Please stop – Tolong Hentikan

Can you ….? – Bisa ….?


Shopping is somewhat of a staple “Must Do” in Bali.

Do you have ….? – Apakah kamu mempunyai ….?

How much? – Berapa?

Expensive – Mahal

Cheap – Murah

Where can I hire ….? – Di mana saya bisa menyewa ….?


Language barriers can be hard but making life a little simpler by communicating better with your taxi driver can mean a world of difference between a fun experience and a nightmare.

Beach – Pantai

Temple – Candi

Forest – Hutan

Waterfall – Air Terjun


Whether you’re in need of an emergency or just looking for food in a remote section of this beautiful island the following should get you what you need.

Hospital – Rumah Sakit

Police – Polisi

Water – Air

Drink – Minum

Beer – Bir

Food – Makanan

Where are you going? – Mau ke mana?

Can you ….? – Bisa ….?


Whether or not you think you need to learn a quick one to ten in Indonesian it will certainly help you when it comes to ordering drinks or ordering a table with a group of people.

One – Satu

Two – Dua

Tree – Tiga

Four – Empat

Five – Lima

Six – Enam

Seven – Tujuh

Eight – Delapan

Nine – Sembilan

Ten – Sepuluh

That’s it for our short list of Indonesian language quick tips, we hope you take the time to study them… if you’re anything like me and studying them isn’t really an option do what I do “BOOKMARK IT” That’s what I did and I wrote this post.

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