Packing for Bali? – The Ultimate Travel Checklist

So you’re packing for Bali… I’ve been there too!

Time and time again I find myself wondering what to pack then spending half the drive to the airport wondering if I have forgotten anything.

If you are anything like me the moment you step off the plane realize…

  1. I have forgotten my favorite sunscreen
  2. My camera
  3. The swimming nappies for the kids.

Whether you have children, a couple looking at heading away for your honeymoon or a solo traveler, our list is a fantastic guide to help you.

Download the Ultimate Travel Checklist PDF.

When packing for Bali there are a few things to keep in mind, it is hot, it is muggy, and it is an island surrounded by water.

Therefore you will not need a winter coat, tracksuit pants or boots (these will only be a waste of much needed luggage space)

pug laying on a wooden floor looking sad

Things To Remember:

  • Consider taking a photo of all your appliances switched off at the wall.
  • Place your passport under your keys.
  • I always make sure to bring a small sum of money on me and at least two credit cards for safety (Holiday saved).
  • Are your animals are with friends, family or an animal care facility?
  • Contact your neighbors let them know you will be going on a holiday and ask them to keep an eye on your house for you.
  • Turn off the fuse box.

Bring what you can, try not to waste half tubes of sunscreen.

Still Packing for Bali?

Download the Ultimate Travel Checklist PDF.

I suggest packing over a span of several days and laying all your items out in a row

This way if you need anything (toothbrush for example) it’s easily accessible.

Preparing over several days allows time to remember any personal belongings that are not on the list.

On a side note: Indonesia is currently ranked as one of the highest water pollutants in the world due to the large amounts of plastics that are not recycled correctly.

Everyone can do their bit to help with keeping this tropical paradise beautiful.

Instead of just buying everything over there only to be tossed at the end of your holidays, bring what you can with you and also bring what you can home.

Anything you have left over that you can no longer use notify reception rather than just throwing it into the bin.

they can then choose to use it for themselves or give it to the less fortunate.

Stay safe and have fun.

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