Amed Bali: A Black Sanded Oasis

Perfect for Beach and Scuba Diving Enthusiasts

Amed, a picturesque seaside town on Bali’s east coast, is renowned for its gorgeous beaches and top-notch scuba diving locations.

Amed is the ideal location if you’re searching for a quiet holiday and enjoy the ocean.

Amed Beaches

boasts a number of lovely beaches where you may unwind and enjoy the sunshine.

Following are some of Amed’s best beaches:

  • Amed Beach is a well-known stretch of black sand with pristine waters and a thriving marine environment.
  • Lipah Beach is a tranquil beach with excellent seas and a range of recreational water sports.
  • Jemeluk Beach is a quiet beach with breathtaking views of Mount Agung and a wide variety of water sports.

Amed Scuba Diving

contains some of Bali’s top scuba diving locations.

These are some of the best places for scuba diving in Amed:

  • A well-known diving location that provides a distinctive underwater experience is the USS Liberty Shipwreck.
  • Diverse marine life can be seen at the dive site known as the Japanese Wreck.
  • Jemeluk Drop Off: A well-known deep diving location with stunning coral structures and a wide range of fish species.

Places to Eat in Amed

providing a variety of food alternatives, from regional warungs to world cuisine.

The following are some of the best restaurants in Amed:

  • A nearby warung that provides delectable Indonesian food is called Warung Enak Amed.
  • Sails Restaurant: An eatery with a coastal location that offers a wide selection of international cuisine.
  • Bali Reef Divers Café: A coffee shop that serves delectable coffee and light fare, ideal for refueling after a dive.

Accommodations in Amed

Amed has a selection of lodging options, from pricey homestays to opulent resorts.

Some of the best places to stay in Amed are listed below:

  • A beachside resort with exclusive villas and a gorgeous infinity pool is called Blue Moon Villas.
  • Traditional Balinese villas and lush gardens may be found at Hidden Paradise Cottages, a tranquil refuge.
  • Santai Hotel: A charming hotel with a variety of features, such as a restaurant and a pool.

Travel Advice for Amed

  • Carry sunscreen that is reef-safe to preserve the coral and aquatic life.
  • For a brief swim, bring a snorkel and mask.
  • To tour the area and find secret jewels, hire a local guide.


Amed is a hidden treasure on Bali’s east coast with gorgeous beaches, top-notch scuba diving locations, and a variety of lodging and food options.

Discover Bali’s top attractions by following our recommendations for an amazing vacation in paradise.

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What are the best things to do in Amed?

Amed offers a range of activities, including:
Snorkelling at Jemeluk Bay, Lipah Beach, and the Japanese Shipwreck, where you can explore vibrant coral reefs and marine life.
Watching the sunrise over Mount Agung, enjoying seafood on the beach.
Taking a day trip to Tirta Gangga Water Palace are also highly recommended.
For adventure lovers, renting a scooter to explore the serene coastline and diving to witness the beautiful underwater temple are must-do activities​​​​​​​​​​.

When is the best time to visit Amed?

The dry season, between April and October, is ideal for diving and snorkelling due to better underwater visibility and less rain. However, Amed’s weather is generally pleasant year-round, so visiting outside these months can also offer a tranquil experience​​.

How can I get around Amed?

Renting a scooter is a popular and convenient way to explore Amed’s beautiful landscapes and coastline. It allows you to discover the area at your own pace. Rental shops are plentiful, and prices start at around 50,000 IDR per day​​​​.

Is snorkelling gear available for rent in Amed?

Yes, snorkelling gear can be rented all over Amed. The going rate for renting fins, masks, snorkels, and life vests is about IDR 50,000 per day​​​​.

Can I see the sunset in Amed?

Despite Amed facing east, you can still enjoy spectacular sunsets from certain viewpoints like Sunset Point and The Roof Top on Amed Beach. These locations offer breathtaking views of Mount Agung and the surrounding area as the sun sets​​.

Are there any cultural or historical sites to visit in Amed?

Yes, Tirta Gangga Water Palace, a former Royal Palace of East Bali, is a must-visit cultural site near Amed. It’s known for its beautiful gardens, water features, and stunning Balinese architecture. It’s about a 30-minute drive from Amed​​​​.

What about accommodations in Amed?

Amed offers a wide range of accommodations to suit all budgets, from family-owned warungs in the hills to beachfront bungalows and luxury villas. Most hotels in Amed can arrange for day drivers and include transportation in their dive packages if you’re planning to go diving​​​​.