Ungasan is a remote location located on Bali’s southernmost tip. The area blends tranquil rural surroundings with some of the most exclusive luxury resorts and clifftop villas on the island, boasting magnificent clifftops and gorgeous white sand beaches.

Ungasan Bali

Ungasan Bali smoothly integrates into the broader Uluwatu neighbourhood. Located on the island’s southernmost tip, is one of the most gorgeous spots in Bali, Ungasan sweeping ocean vistas from majestic clifftops.

The area also has some of the most stunning beaches on the island, with pristine white sand and brilliant blue water.

However, most of the area has a rural and distant feel, and many lovely beaches require visitors to head down a steep flight of stairs.

Ungasan provides a distinct blend of affluent clifftop living – some of the island’s most elite resorts are located here – and rural solitude, with local village life merging with rustic natural surroundings.

This is the ideal spot for those looking for a magnificent clifftop refuge away from the crowds, surrounded by some of the most stunning views on the island.

Ungasan attracts visitors all year round due to its spectacular clifftop vistas and luxurious resorts. However, the Best time to visit Uluwatu’s gorgeous beaches is during the dry season, which runs from May to September.



All year, the temperature ranges from 24 to 31 degrees.


During the wet season, rainfall ranged from 0cm to 140cm.

Ungasan Attractions & Activities

Ungasan draws visitors looking for an exclusive clifftop getaway in the lap of luxury. The area is also peppered with lovely white sand beaches, many still considered hidden gems. Unfortunately, Ungasan is a relatively secluded place, necessitating a car or motorcycle to go around unless you plan on spending your whole vacation lazing by your villa’s pool.

Activities and Tours

One of the biggest reasons to visit Ungasan is the stunning beaches, which are among Bali’s most beautiful.

Melasti and Pandawa are the most conveniently accessible beaches, as you can drive down to them, whilst others require you to descend a steep flight of stairs or trek down a slope.

Ungasan beaches have soft white sand and are generally less busy than beaches further up the coast. There are also a few fantastic beach clubs in the region, some constructed directly on the beach or high up on the stunning clifftops.

Although several advanced surf breakers are in the area, most wave riders choose the popular breaks in nearby Uluwatu.

Ungasan is famous for its magnificent clifftop vistas, in addition to its lovely beaches. Of course, these are best appreciated from the solitude of your clifftop villa, but there are several fantastic clifftop places that you can visit as a casual day tripper as well.

Anyone visiting the Bukit Peninsula should not miss a visit to the magnificent Uluwatu Temple, also known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu.

The Clifftop temple, located a short drive from Ungasan, is regarded as one of Bali’s holiest places and one of the most important temples for the local Hindu community.

The temple is especially popular around sunset when the famous Kecak fire dance is performed.

Unfortunately, Uluwatu Temple is home to a troop of monkeys. Visitors should take extra precautions with their things – these cheeky thieves have been known to “borrow” everything from sunglasses to iPhones.

Ungasan Dining and Drinking

The dining scene in Ungasan reflects the broader tone of the town, with upscale fine dining facilities juxtaposed with low-key local warungs.

Many high-end venues are constructed on clifftops and offer breathtaking vistas, especially after sunset.


Many of the restaurants in Ungasan are scenic fine dining establishments located in some of the island’s most expensive resorts. These are full-fledged dining experiences that combine fine dining with breathtaking ocean views.

Most of the more economical dining alternatives are found further inland, and there are many popular and budget-friendly options along the main thoroughfare of Jalan Raya Uluwatu, with a generous mix of local and international dishes ranging from nasi goreng to pizza and pasta.


Ungasan is home to some of the island’s most famous beach clubs, providing a picture-perfect environment for relaxing with a chilled drink and watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean. These locations frequently offer live music and world-class DJ sets, with seaside bonfires adding to the atmosphere.

You may also enjoy an elaborate degustation menu at one of the clifftop restaurants, but for a wilder night out, head to the surfer bars in nearby Uluwatu.

Neighbourhoods in Ungasan

Ungasan is a distant and dispersed place, so you’ll need a car or a motorcycle to get around no matter where you stay.

Most of the housing in Ungasan is constructed on picturesque clifftops with breathtaking views of the sea. Villas and hotels situated further inland usually still have seaside views – and a lower price tag.

Ungasan and its Surroundings

Ungasan is a quiet region on Bali’s southernmost tip, the Bukit Peninsula, with stunning cliffs and deserted beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean.

The neighbourhood merges with Uluwatu, known for its white sand beaches and world-class surf breaks. Uluwatu gives way to Jimbaran, a peaceful beachside village with seafood eateries and luxury homes on picturesque hilltops further up the coast.

Driving up the coast from Jimbaran, you’ll come to the busy town of Kuta. Nusa Dua is a luxury resort enclave on the east coast of the Bukit Peninsula, bordered by the Benoa headland, which offers a variety of water activities.

An overwater toll road connects Nusa Dua to the family-friendly neighbourhood of Sanur.

Useful Information

How to Get There

Ngurah Rai International Airport is located in Tuban, South Bali. The busy airport serves over 20 million people annually and is well-connected to foreign destinations, with direct flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond.

In addition, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia, Jetstar, and others operate direct flights to and from Bali.

Bali can also be reached by boat. Typically, this would entail landing at an international airport on one of the surrounding islands (Java or Lombok) and then travelling by boat or ferry to Bali.

Ferries from Java arrive in Gilimanuk, Nort Bali, roughly four hours from Ungasan. Boats depart from Lombok and arrive in Benoa, Sanur, Serangan, Padang Bai, and Amed. Benoa, Serangan, and Sanur are all approximately an hour’s drive from Ungasan.


Because there is no public transit from the airport to your lodging, you must rely on a private driver or even a taxi. Most villas include this service when you book for more than four nights.


You can also take a taxi from the airport if you haven’t planned your transfers. An official taxi stand is close to the information desk located in the international arrivals area. This taxi stop provides both fixed cost and metered prices; however, even with a price list, rates might vary, and because they are updated regularly, it is impossible to locate up-to-date pricing online.

Aside from the official taxi stand, other freelance drivers provide rides at various costs in the arrivals hall. Negotiating a price might be intimidating, especially if you’re fresh off the plane. We strongly advise you to arrange your arrival shuttles before arriving in Bali.

How to Get Around


One of the finest ways to go around Ungasan and explore the neighbouring locations is to hire a private car and driver.

Having a personal chauffeur for the day allows you to explore the beaches, see the famed Uluwatu Temple, and tour other sections of the Bukit Peninsula.


You can also take a taxi from point A to point B. Because Ungasan is a quiet and secluded location, you won’t be able to hail a taxi from the street, but you can dial for one or order a cab using a mobile app.

Blue Bird is the best taxi company to utilise. Their metres start at IDR 7,000 (USD $0.5), while the minimum fare when requested over the phone or via the app is IDR 30,000 (USD $2).

Other cabs may refuse to use a metre at all. If you take a taxi without a metre, agree on the fee before getting in.


A scooter can be a fun way to explore Ungasan, but only if you’re an experienced driver with an international driver’s licence. Ungasan has little traffic; however, the roads are mountainous and can be bumpy in parts.

Scooter rentals begin at IDR 50,000 (USD $4) daily. Remember to use a helmet!


Ungasan is a steep, secluded place, so exploring on foot is usually out of the question.

However, it’s also worth noting for people with limited mobility that many of the beaches in this area involve descending a steep set of stairs or climbing down a slope.

A few exceptions, such as Melasti and Pandawa Beach, may be reached by car.