Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Canggu accommodation, where we provide you with the latest information on discovering the vibrant Balinese village of Canggu.

In this blog post, you’ll learn more about this paradise’s unique charm, top attractions, and how to get around.

Canggu Accommodation: Your Ultimate Guide to the Tropical Paradise

Canggu, a small village on the southwest coast of Bali, has become a popular destination for travellers seeking a laid-back atmosphere, beautiful beaches, lush rice paddies, and a thriving expat community.

Discover Canggu

Known for its excellent surfing, yoga retreats, and growing foodie scene, Canggu offers the perfect blend of traditional Balinese culture and modern amenities.

While it has evolved significantly in recent years, the village still manages to maintain its authenticity, making it an ideal location for a tropical getaway.

Top Attractions

  1. Echo Beach: Famous for its world-class surf breaks and stunning sunsets, Echo Beach is a must-visit for surfers and beach lovers alike. The beach is lined with casual beachfront bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks with your toes in the sand.
  2. Batu Bolong Beach: Another popular surfing spot, Batu Bolong Beach is perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers. This beach also offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops for a relaxed and enjoyable day by the sea.
  3. Tanah Lot Temple: One of Bali’s most iconic landmarks, Tanah Lot Temple is an absolutely beautiful Hindu temple perched on a rock formation in the sea. Visit during low tide to walk around the temple’s base or come during sunset for a truly breathtaking view.
  4. Canggu Rice Terraces: For a change of scenery, take a stroll or bike ride through the lush green rice paddies surrounding Canggu. These terraces offer a glimpse into traditional Balinese life and provide a serene escape from the bustling beach areas.
  5. Samadi Bali: A renowned yoga and wellness centre, Samadi Bali offers daily classes, workshops, and retreats for those looking to enhance their well-being and explore the holistic side of Canggu.

Getting Around

Canggu is relatively small and easy to navigate. There are several transportation options available to explore the area:

  1. Scooter: Renting a scooter is the most popular and convenient way to get around Canggu, allowing you to navigate the narrow roads and experience the village’s charm at your own pace. Rental prices typically range from IDR 50,000 to IDR 70,000 per day.
  2. Bicycle: For a more environmentally-friendly option, consider renting a bicycle to explore the village and nearby rice paddies. Bike rentals can be found throughout Canggu, usually costing around IDR 20,000 to IDR 30,000 per day.
  3. Taxi and Ride-Hailing Apps: For longer distances or when you prefer not to drive, taxis and ride-hailing apps like Grab and Gojek are widely available in Canggu. Keep in mind that these services may be subject to local restrictions or additional fees in certain areas.
  4. Walking: Many attractions in Canggu are within walking distance of each other, making it easy to explore the village on foot. However, be prepared for limited sidewalks and uneven surfaces in some areas.

Canggu Accommodation Types

Canggu offers a wide variety of accommodation types to cater to its visitors’ diverse needs and preferences.

Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, with family, or in a group of friends, you’ll find the perfect place to stay in this tropical paradise.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of Canggu accommodation available to help you make an informed decision.


Hotels in Canggu range from budget-friendly options to luxurious 5-star establishments.

These properties typically offer a variety of amenities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, fitness centres, and 24-hour reception services.

Hotels are an excellent choice for travellers who prefer the convenience and consistency of a full-service accommodation experience.

Some popular Canggu hotels include:


Canggu Bali Villas are popular for those seeking privacy, comfort, and a more personalized experience.

These standalone properties often come with private pools, gardens, and spacious living areas.

They’re ideal for couples, families, or groups of friends looking to unwind in a luxurious and tranquil setting.

Some highly-rated Canggu villas are:

  • Villa Sally
  • Theanna Eco Villa and Spa
  • Canggu Beachside Villas


Guesthouses, also known as homestays, provide a more intimate and budget-friendly alternative to hotels.

These accommodations are usually run by local families, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Balinese culture and hospitality.

Guesthouses often feature basic amenities and may include a private or shared bathroom.

Popular guesthouses in Canggu include:

  • Canggu Bona Kubu
  • Koming Guesthouse
  • The Mulia Guesthouse


Canggu Hostels are perfect for budget-conscious and solo travellers, offering affordable dormitory-style accommodations and a social atmosphere.

Many hostels in Canggu also provide private rooms for those seeking a more secluded experience.

Standard amenities include shared kitchens, common areas, and various activities or events to encourage guest interaction.

Top-rated hostels in Canggu are:

  • The Farm Hostel
  • Gypsy Moon Bali
  • The Tipsy Gypsy Hostel


Resorts in Canggu cater to those seeking a luxurious, all-inclusive experience.

These properties often boast extensive facilities, such as multiple pools, on-site restaurants, bars, spas, and various activities for guests to enjoy.

Resorts are excellent for travellers who prefer a more upscale and comprehensive vacation experience.

Some of the best Canggu resorts are:

  • Lv8 Resort Hotel
  • Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa
  • The Kirana Hotel Resto and Spa


Apartments provide a home-like atmosphere, making them an excellent option for travellers planning an extended stay or those who prefer self-catering accommodations.

These properties typically feature separate bedrooms, living spaces, and fully-equipped kitchens, allowing guests to enjoy a more independent and flexible vacation experience.

Highly-rated apartment options in Canggu include:

  • The Apartments at Canggu
  • Canggu Beach Apartments
  • Eastin Ashta Resort Canggu

Featured Canggu Accommodation

To help you find the perfect Canggu accommodation for your getaway, we’ve compiled a list of top picks based on different preferences and budgets.

Whether you’re seeking luxury, budget-friendly options or a place catering to families, couples, or solo travellers, we’ve got you covered.

Best for Luxury

  1. Ametis Villa: Experience the epitome of luxury at Ametis Villa, a collection of private pool villas featuring modern design, personalized butler service, and an on-site spa for ultimate relaxation.
  2. COMO Uma Canggu: Indulge in the upscale atmosphere of COMO Uma Canggu, offering sleek, contemporary design, beachfront access, and exceptional dining experiences.
  3. The Slow: This boutique hotel combines luxury and art, offering unique, design-focused suites, a private art collection, and a refined restaurant and bar.

Best for Budget

  1. Gypsy Moon Bali: A bohemian-inspired hostel with private and dormitory-style rooms, Gypsy Moon Bali offers budget travellers a stylish and social atmosphere.
  2. Koming Guesthouse: This family-run guesthouse provides clean, comfortable rooms at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious visitors.
  3. Serenity Eco Guesthouse: With its eco-friendly focus, Serenity offers affordable accommodation options, yoga classes, and a vegetarian restaurant, all within walking distance of the beach.

Best for Families

  1. The Haven Suites Berawa: This family-friendly hotel features spacious suites, a large pool, and a kids’ club to entertain the little ones.
  2. Aston Canggu Beach Resort: Offering family rooms, a kids’ pool, and a variety of on-site dining options, this resort caters to families seeking comfort and convenience.
  3. Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa: This family-oriented resort offers spacious villas, lush gardens, and a variety of activities to keep the entire family entertained.

Best for Couples

  1. Theanna Eco Villa and Spa: These romantic private pool villas are perfect for couples seeking privacy and relaxation, complete with an on-site spa and a restaurant offering intimate dining experiences.
  2. Tugu Bali Hotel: This boutique hotel offers a unique blend of Balinese art, culture, and luxury, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a one-of-a-kind romantic getaway.
  3. RedDoor Bali Villa: With its modern design, private pool, and personalized service, RedDoor Bali Villa provides the perfect intimate setting for couples.

Canggu Accommodation for Solo Travelers

  1. The Farm Hostel: This social hostel offers a friendly atmosphere, various communal spaces, and events, making it an excellent choice for solo travellers looking to connect with others.
  2. The Tipsy Gypsy Hostel: With its lively vibe, budget-friendly dormitory and private rooms, and an on-site bar, The Tipsy Gypsy attracts solo travellers seeking a fun and social experience.
  3. The Chillhouse: This retreat-style accommodation offers a variety of room options, daily yoga classes, and surf lessons, catering to solo travellers looking to unwind and meet like-minded individuals.

Dining and Nightlife

Canggu’s dining and nightlife scene has flourished in recent years, offering a wide variety of culinary experiences and entertainment options.

In this section, we’ll introduce you to some of the area’s top restaurants, local cuisine, and popular bars and nightclubs.

Top Restaurants

  1. Mason: This contemporary restaurant serves up delicious, locally-sourced dishes, offering a modern twist on international and Indonesian cuisine. The stylish atmosphere and exceptional service make Mason a must-visit.
  2. Fishbone Local: A modern seafood eatery, Fishbone Local offers sustainably-sourced seafood dishes with a fusion of flavours. The laid-back atmosphere and innovative menu make it a popular dining spot among locals and visitors alike.
  3. Ulekan: This restaurant celebrates traditional Indonesian cuisine with a contemporary flair, using fresh, local ingredients. Ulekan provides an authentic and delicious culinary experience in a beautifully designed setting.

Local Cuisine

  1. Nasi Campur: This popular Indonesian dish consists of steamed rice served with a variety of small dishes, such as vegetables, meats, and sambal. Look for local warungs (small restaurants) to sample this tasty, affordable meal.
  2. Babi Guling: Babi Guling, or Balinese roast suckling pig, is a must-try dish while in Canggu. The pig is marinated with a mix of traditional spices and then roasted over an open fire. Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen is a local favourite for this delicacy.
  3. Sate Lilit: This Balinese version of satay features minced fish, chicken, or pork mixed with grated coconut and spices and wrapped around a lemongrass stick before being grilled. Be sure to try this local favourite at warungs or street food vendors.

Bars and Nightclubs

  1. Old Man’s: A popular beachfront bar, Old Man’s offers a relaxed atmosphere, cold drinks, and live music, making it an ideal spot to enjoy Canggu’s vibrant nightlife.
  2. Deus Ex Machina: This unique venue combines a custom motorcycle shop, art gallery, restaurant, and bar. Deus Ex Machina regularly hosts live music, movie nights, and other events, attracting a diverse and lively crowd.
  3. Pretty Poison: A one-of-a-kind bar and skate park, Pretty Poison features an empty swimming pool used as a skate bowl, live music, and a lively atmosphere. This venue offers a unique nightlife experience for those looking to have a fun night out in Canggu.

Local Cuisine

Canggu offers a wide variety of local cuisine, providing a delectable blend of traditional Balinese and Indonesian flavours.

In this section, we’ll introduce you to some must-try local dishes that you won’t want to miss during your stay.

  1. Nasi Goreng: This Indonesian fried rice dish features a mix of vegetables, meats or seafood, and a fried egg on top. Flavoured with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and sambal (chilli paste), Nasi Goreng is a local favourite found at warungs and restaurants throughout Canggu.
  2. Gado-Gado: A popular Indonesian salad, Gado-Gado consists of blanched vegetables, tofu, tempeh, and hard-boiled eggs, topped with a delicious peanut sauce. This dish can be found at local warungs and is a perfect option for vegetarians and vegans.
  3. Ayam Betutu: A traditional Balinese dish, Ayam Betutu features slow-cooked chicken marinated in a rich blend of spices, including turmeric, galangal, and lemongrass. Sample this mouthwatering dish at local eateries like Warung Betutu Liku.

Bars and Nightclubs

Canggu’s nightlife scene is buzzing with a variety of bars, live music venues, and nightclubs.

Whether you prefer laid-back beach bars or energetic dance clubs, there’s something for everyone in this tropical paradise.

  1. The Lawn: This beachfront venue offers a relaxed atmosphere, featuring bean bags and sun loungers, a swimming pool, and a wide selection of cocktails. The Lawn is an ideal spot to watch the sunset and enjoy Canggu’s laid-back vibe.
  2. Black Cat Mini Mart: A speakeasy-style bar hidden behind a convenience store, Black Cat Mini Mart offers creative cocktails, live DJ sets, and an intimate atmosphere. This hidden gem is perfect for those seeking a unique and memorable night out.
  3. Sand Bar: Located on Echo Beach, Sand Bar is a lively open-air club that hosts nightly beach parties with live DJs, fire dancers, and a festive atmosphere. Dance the night away with your toes in the sand at this popular hotspot.

Activities and Experiences

Canggu offers a plethora of activities and experiences to suit all interests, from surfing and wellness retreats to guided tours and shopping opportunities.

In this section, we’ll highlight some top activities you won’t want to miss during your stay.


Canggu is renowned for its excellent surf breaks, attracting both beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Take a lesson at a local surf school, such as Canggu Surf School or In Da Surf Bali, or rent a board and hit the waves at popular spots like Echo Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, or Berawa Beach.

Yoga and Wellness

Canggu is a hub for yoga and wellness retreats, offering a variety of studios and centres to help you find balance and rejuvenate during your stay.

Try a class at Samadi Bali, The Practice, or Serenity Eco Guesthouse and Yoga, or indulge in a spa treatment at one of Canggu’s many wellness centres.

Guided Tours

Explore Canggu and its surroundings with a guided tour, providing unique insights into the local culture, history, and natural beauty.

Popular tour options include:

  1. Rice Paddy Walking Tour: Discover the lush rice fields surrounding Canggu with a guided walking tour, learning about traditional Balinese agriculture and the importance of rice in local culture.
  2. Temple Tours: Visit some of Bali’s most sacred and picturesque temples, such as Tanah Lot or Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, with a knowledgeable guide who can explain the history and significance of these spiritual sites.
  3. Cooking Classes: Immerse yourself in Balinese cuisine with a hands-on cooking class, where you can learn to prepare local dishes and gain a deeper appreciation for the island’s culinary traditions.


Canggu offers a unique shopping experience, with a range of boutiques, markets, and stores selling everything from local handicrafts to international designer brands.

Some top shopping spots include:

  1. Love Anchor: This open-air market features a variety of local vendors selling clothing, accessories, and homewares, making it an ideal spot to find unique souvenirs and gifts.
  2. Samadi Market: Held on Sundays, this organic farmers’ market offers a selection of fresh produce, baked goods, and artisanal products, supporting local farmers and artisans.
  3. Boutique Shopping: Stroll along Batu Bolong and explore the many boutiques offering stylish clothing, accessories, and homewares, such as The Offering, Bamboo Blonde, and Island Capsule.