Gianyar Night Market

Bali’s Best Kept Secret: Gianyar Night Market

Gianyar Night Market is the best spot to go if you want a one-of-a-kind and amazing experience in Bali. Visitors can immerse themselves in the vivid culture of the island at this lively market’s nighttime appearance. This market has it all, including regional cuisine, handcrafted goods, and cultural acts.

Key Highlights of Gianyar Night Market

Authentic Local Experience: Offers a genuine Balinese night market experience with a variety of local foods, goods, and crafts.
Street Food: Known for its diverse and delicious street food options, including satay, nasi goreng, babi guling, and traditional Balinese sweets.
Vibrant Atmosphere: Bustling with activity, providing a lively and colorful market environment.
Affordable Prices: Great place to find affordable food, clothes, and souvenirs.
Local Crafts and Goods: Sells a range of items from clothing and accessories to household goods and local crafts.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Gianyar Night Market

Authenticity: Provides an authentic taste of Balinese culture and cuisine.Crowded: Can get very crowded, especially during peak hours.
Variety: Wide range of food and goods to explore, ensuring something for everyone.Limited Seating: Few places to sit and eat, making it challenging for those who prefer a more comfortable dining experience.
Affordable: Offers budget-friendly options for dining and shopping.Noise and Hustle: The bustling environment might be overwhelming for some visitors.
Lively Atmosphere: The market’s vibrant energy makes for an exciting evening outing.Sanitation: As with many street markets, sanitation standards might not be up to everyone’s expectations.
Local Interaction: Opportunity to interact with locals and experience daily life in Bali.Parking: Limited parking availability can be an issue during busy times.

Amenities at Gianyar Night Market

  • Food stalls and vendors
  • Shopping stalls selling clothes, accessories, and household items
  • Public restrooms nearby
  • Limited seating areas
  • Nearby parking (though limited)

Nearby Attractions

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave): An archaeological site and temple complex located about 15 minutes away by car.
Tegenungan Waterfall: A popular waterfall located around 20 minutes away by car.
Ubud: Known for its arts, crafts, and vibrant cultural scene, about 30 minutes away by car.
Bali Bird Park: A large bird park featuring various exotic bird species, approximately 20 minutes away by car.
Bali Safari and Marine Park: Offers a safari experience with a variety of wildlife, located about 25 minutes away by car.

Experience Bali’s Flavours

The food is one of the highlights of Gianyar Night Market. There is something for everyone, from classic dishes like babi guling (spit-roasted pig) and nasi campur (mixed rice) to street food snacks like grilled corn and sticky rice cakes. The market is the ideal location to sample different cuisines and learn about Bali’s extensive culinary history.

Handmade Crafts of Gianyar Night Market

Offering a variety of handmade goods and souvenirs is also a shoppers’ delight. The market offers items for every taste and price range, ranging from elaborate jewellery and local pottery to batik sarongs and traditional wood carvings. You may find anything you’re looking for here, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind present or a piece of Bali to bring home.

Witness Traditional Performances

Gianyar Night Market is not only a place to eat and shop, but it is also a centre for cultural activities. All through the night, guests can take in traditional dances, gamelan music, and other acts. These concerts are a wonderful way to learn about the island’s vibrant cultural past and enjoy its creative heritage.

Discover the Neighbourhood

The Gianyar Night Market is situated in the centre of this thriving city, which is renowned for its colourful culture and extensive history. Visitors can tour the adjacent rice fields, temples, and other sights in addition to the market. Gianyar is a must-see location in Bali, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-time visitor.

How to Get There


The Gianyar Night Market is a fun and distinctive place with something for everyone. You can get everything you need here, whether you’re seeking for dining, shopping, or cultural events. So why not visit this bustling market to make the most of your stay in Bali? You won’t be sorry.