Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach: Bali’s Uncharted Paradise

Visit the picturesque Balangan Beach to discover the hidden jewel of Bali’s coastline. Balangan is the ideal destination for a calm break from Bali’s crowded tourist districts, with its pristine waters, spectacular sunsets, and breathtaking cliffs.

An Overview of Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is located in southern Bali, close to the famed surf location of Uluwatu.

Despite being one of the island’s best-kept secrets, the beach draws tourists from all over the world who come to appreciate its natural beauty and tranquil ambience.

The sand is soft and golden, the water is beautiful and tranquil, and the cliffs that surround the beach are a great place to view the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

It’s a wonderfully magical setting that’s ideal for couples, families, and anyone searching for a peaceful break from Bali’s tourist destinations.

The Best Activities on Balangan Beach

There are numerous activities to choose from at Balangan Beach. Take a stroll down the beach, go for a dip, sunbathe, or relax at one of the coastal cafes.

For the more daring, sign up for surf lessons or go snorkelling to explore the coral reefs.

Those wanting a more spiritual experience might pay a visit to the adjacent cliffs, which are home to a variety of old Hindu shrines and temples.

If you enjoy shopping, the surrounding village of Jimbaran is well-known for its traditional markets, where you may buy a variety of handmade items and souvenirs.

A Food Lovers’ Paradise

One of the best aspects of Balangan Beach is the amazing food available. There are lots of options to satiate any craving, ranging from traditional Indonesian cuisine to international specialties.

For those who enjoy fish, Jimbaran’s coastal eateries serve some of the freshest and most delectable seafood in Bali.


Balangan Beach is truly a paradise with everything for everyone. You’ll find it all here, whether you’re searching for peace & quiet, adventure, or fantastic food.