What’s Bali Belly?

how to fix Bali Belly

What’s Bali Belly?

Generation after generation we have all heard the same story, it goes something along the lines of this “We had an amazing time for the first five days… then so and so got BALI BELLY!”, the term Bali Belly is so ingrained into our minds that even doctors now refer to it as Bali Belly! So what is Bali Belly?

Bali Belly is a term used to describe a stomach bug you get in Bali due to the hot climate, poor hygiene, Bacteria found on any surface or can even be found by opening your mouth underwater.

There are many myths (let’s call them nan’s secret recipes) on how to prevent it!

We have all read the success stories of how someone took red cordial daily and never got Bali belly.

…think about that statement for just one moment…

“I’m going to take a syrup primarily made up of concentrated sugar to stop myself from getting sick”.

It makes absolutely zero sense what so ever.

Debunking Bali Belly:

So here’s the kicker and I’m incredibly sorry to do this to you but Bali belly is nothing more than the Balinese Gastro… Have you ever heard someone going to Bali and coming back saying they got Gastro?…

Of course not.

Bali is only 8 degrees south of the equator which basically means it is an extremely tropical climate.

Bacteria thrives in hot and humid climates which is exactly what Bali produces.

Bali tourists typically don’t drink the local water so instead opt for alcohol (which happens to be a diuretic) this then in turn forces the tourists to become more thirsty making them drink more alcohol giving them a lowered immune system.

Swimming pools carry bacteria regardless of how much chlorine or salt has been put in the pool, think about it you get hot, you sweat, you jump in the pool to cool down (we are not the only one doing this) and all that sweat is then in the water along with all the bacteria that was on your skin.

When/if you do end up with Bali belly you are never home, you are in a foreign country in a hotel or villa where you are not completely comfortable, add to this and it is hot and muggy… all this combined with the feeling of Gastro quite simply amplifies the emotional pain you are feeling thus heightening the mental effects of being sick.

The Solution:

The solution to aid in preventing Bali Belly is simple.

  • Bring a hand cleanser with you.
  • Always use hand cleanser after the bathroom.
  • Only drink bottled water (even when brushing your teeth).
  • Bring some multivitamins with you.
  • Charcoal tablets also aid in Gastro prevention…

How to fix bali belly:

Truth be told there is no guarantee that you will not get Bali Belly.

Above all else make sure you have water while drinking alcohol to replace what you sweat out.

Stay safe and have fun!